Top Skills to be a Digital Marketer in 2022

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Today if anyone goes on to search for “how to become a digital marketer in 2022”, they’ll be bombarded with decent content from all around. And well, they all mostly sell the same USP - “this will make you a skilled digital marketer”. While the courses / blogs / video-content might cover some usual know-hows, being a digital marketer in 2022 is really about a dynamic approach on leveraging various digital platforms to implement a funneled strategy here

How is this article any different then? It isn’t. It’s comprehensive and detailed out to the right function for the year 2022.

To become a digital marketer, it requires a sound grip on problem solving, general strategy and analytics, observational knowledge, proper know-how of digital tools with a knack of staying up to date with trends. It can be overwhelming when you start learning the tools and techniques. However, with a drive to learn and experiment, one can easily unlock a sharp strategic approach for their businesses or clients.

We have put together a comprehensive guide for you that begins with the must-have technical knowledge that you must-have to become a full-proof digital marketer.

Social Media

Social Media management is simple and important. It needs to reflect the personality of the brand for its targeted consumer set on the respective social media platforms used by its consumers to interact with the digital space in day to day life. Your brand needs to have a distinctive and clear voice of its own and it needs a thorough understanding of what the platforms have in store, to offer. Also, it is not for just managing the content on multiple social media platforms but to assure that your ad strategies are in sync with the content on your social media as well.

ORM/ Social Listening

ORM is an abbreviation for Online Reputation Management and comprises traditional marketing, search engine marketing, and public relations. It is important to understand how the brand’s motives are being perceived by its consumers. It incorporates monitoring, addressing, or mitigating SERPs (search engine result pages) and comments on social media.

Search Engine Optimisation

You need to know that the whole point of your work is for people to see. Driving traffic to the website, marketplaces and other suitable landing pages is the most vital skill you need in the digital marketing industry. We do it through learning how to use SEOs to be able to garner traffic. Exploring and learning which keywords suit your business or clients can be a little challenging at the start. It comes down to analysis (mentioned below) where you not only learn how to use keywords in your content but will be able to come up with the most reliable and effective keywords.

Digital Analytics

With big companies pushing fast paced and dynamic data, you need to be able to slice and dice that data at different levels of observation. Keep in mind that you need to know what changes to implement to grow that business. Some tools you can use to analyze your own website versus your competitors' websites are: SimilarWeb, Google Analytics , and Woopra.

Google Ads, Google Analytics, Pay Per Click, and Performance Marketing

Paid ads have recently become more essential than before for a sure shot way to scale in the market. Millions of dollars have been raised and invested through ad management revenue. These include understanding Google Ads and optimizing campaigns according to your business. The whole point of learning SEO and SEM is when you can put it effectively in your Google ads strategy. On the other hand, Google Analytics will help you collect and analyze traffic on your website and help you understand the consumer pattern and trends. A must-have skill is to know how to use either of them to their utmost potential.

Having in-depth knowledge about Meta's Ad manager and its functions to curate campaigns on social media or sponsored posts is as important as Google Ads. With the number of sales made on/through Social Media, it becomes imperative for almost all businesses to take leverage. A suggestion would be to check the Facebook ad library to keep a pulse check on all the ads running in your space and understand how various competitors work.

Website Development and Management

Web development is Greek for many marketers. You might know enough to be able to communicate with the developers you work with. You don’t have to dive deep into the weeds of web dev in order to learn enough to set yourself apart. A basic understanding is to know that most websites are constructed from two main pieces—the CMS, and the front end. This simple knowledge alone will help you understand what’s possible for you to personally implement (via tools like Google Tag Manager) and what you might need a developer's help with. You’ll be able to collaborate with your development team to pull off some really cool marketing endeavors.

Marketing isn't just about gaining traction and conversion . A lot of it is user experience. We aren't talking from a design perspective but about people getting what they want as quickly as possible. As a marketer, you can control that, maybe not all the design aspects but the data and image that help navigate easily.

Media planning and Buying

Media planning and buying is a mix of traditional and digital media placement activities. A perfect mix is directly proportional to your brand’s identity and specifically where you can prominently connect with your audience at the right time and place with the context for them to be seen and acted upon. Tactics vary, but a comprehensive media planning strategy will include SEM, SEO, PPC, Social media ads, Digital display advertising (demographic and behavioral), TV & OTT, Outdoor billboards / out of home ads / geospatial targeting, Radio and digital audio (e.g., Pandora, Spotify, iHeart, podcasts, etc.), Public Relations, and strategic partnerships.

Now that you have a fair idea of what all it requires to start your journey in digital marketing, do you think you can cope with the versatility of the job? If yes, write to us @ with your profile to work with some amazing brands in the market.

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